Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that is based on the principles of architecture and design. It is believed that the design and layout of a building have a significant impact on the energy flow within the space, and this can affect the well-being and prosperity of the occupants.

Vastu Shastra provides guidelines for the design and construction of buildings, taking into account various factors such as the orientation of the building, the placement of rooms and doors, the location of the kitchen, and the direction of the main entrance. The aim of Vastu Shastra is to create a space that is in harmony with nature and allows for the free flow of positive energy.

It is used for designing homes, workplaces, and other structures to promote health, happiness, and prosperity. Many people in India and around the world follow the principles of Vastu Shastra while designing and constructing their homes and buildings.

Tips for home vastu shastra

By incorporating these Vastu Shastra tips, you can create a harmonious and peaceful living space that promotes good health, happiness, and prosperity.

  • Placement of Main Entrance: The main entrance should face East, North or Northeast direction to bring positive energy inside. Avoid South facing entrance as it is considered inauspicious.
  • Placement of Kitchen: The kitchen should be located in the Southeast direction of the house to bring prosperity and happiness.
  • Placement of Bedroom: The master bedroom should be located in the South or Southwest direction to promote good health and sleep.
  • Use of Colors: Colors have a significant impact on the mood and energy of the occupants. Use light and soothing colors for walls and avoid dark and bright colors.
  • Use of Plants: Plants bring positivity and fresh energy into the home. Use indoor plants to purify the air and enhance energy flow.
  • Lighting: Proper lighting is crucial for creating a positive energy flow. Use natural light as much as possible and avoid dim or dark areas.
  • Placement of Furniture: The furniture should be arranged in a way that promotes free movement and allows for positive energy flow. Avoid cluttered and cramped spaces.
  • Use of Mirrors: Mirrors should be placed in a way that they do not reflect negative energy or clutter. Avoid mirrors facing the bed or the main entrance.